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Introduction to the Program



Taekwondo at the YMCA is a mixture of modern sport Taekwondo and the traditional ancient martial art. The curriculum includes learning and perfecting Kicks, Strikes and Blocks, Self Defence, Olympic Sparring, Body Strengthening and Conditioning as well as training for competitions. The training will give the student an opportunity to learn discipline and focus as well as a method of gaining confidence and a sense of accomplishment.


New students are always welcome. Please come in and watch a class before you register because not every program is appropriate for all people. Take a look and find out if this is the class for you. Each and every student is expected to have a certain level of commitment. This is not a drop in anytime class. Please speak to the instructor and you may register for the class depending on availability. Try a couple of classes and if it is the right program for you, you should then purchase the uniform.

Please submit your name to be added to our mailing list so that you are up to date with special events and schedule changes. Our website is www.ymcatkd.com. You can communicate with the course Co-ordinator through email if you have any questions. You can contact Master Park at chris.park@ymcagta.org.


Code of Conduct and Behaviour


All students must abide by a code of conduct and behaviour. For example, your uniform should be kept clean and neat. Please ask for the complete list from the Instructor. Not following the Code of Conduct and Behaviour may result in expulsion from the program.


Uniforms and Safety Equipment


All students are required to wear an approved Taekwondo uniform if they desire to take part in the program. In order to promote the safest environment possible, students are recommended to have the following safety equipment in order to participate in the sparring sessions. All students except white belts and senior white belts should have this equipment that includes a chest protector, mouth guard, forearm protection, shin and instep protection, head protection and groin protection for both males and females. The instructor, to assure quality and safety, must first approve all safety equipment that is obtained. For convenience, the equipment is available through the program supplier. Please ask the instructor for details.


Age and Medical Requirements


As with any physical exercise, caution should be taken according to your circumstance. If you have a specific medical problem, please consult your doctor before joining the class and inform the instructor of your condition. The minimum age for students is 6 years of age.



Class Times, Attendance and Tardiness


Attendance will be taken during everyclass. Any student who misses two classes in succession without prior notice to the course coordinator, will be removed from the class list. Please arrive early for your class. Students who are more than 10 minutes late will not be allowed to participate in the class. In order to run a smooth program with minimal disruptions, these rules will be strictly enforced. Thank you for your understanding. If you will be missing a classes or classes due to illness or vacation, notice must be given to the course co-ordinator with a valid reason. You can contact the co-ordinator at chris.park@ymcagta.org.




Belt System


Learning Taekwondo is a wonderful journey filled with many obstacles along the way. The White Belt represents the innocent purity of a new student who is ready to learn and grow. Each level continues to feed the student’s education until you reach the Black Belt level where your training takes another leap and where you discover that your training has really just begun. Each black belt level is a called a “Dan”.


Stripe System


Our program utilizes a stripe system to easily identify the components of each belt level. It gives a sense of accomplishment and a mini goal for the students to work toward. Within each belt, there are many requirements that are represented by different coloured stripes. Once the basics of that technique or stripe has been learned, the student is tested during class and awarded a stripe. In order to grade for the next belt level, all stripes for that belt must be attained. The student may then grade for the next belt level with final approval from the instructor. The black stripe is usually the last stripe attained before testing review.


Testing for Belts


The YMCA Taekwondo Program conducts grading roughly every month. This is a chance for the students to showcase their talents and advance to the next level of their Taekwondo education. The instructors will advise the student whether or not they have met the requirements to be tested. Qualified students must fill out a testing application form and submit the appropriate fees.


Leadership Program


To build strong leadership qualities, there is a mandatory leadership program once the student has attained the level of Blue Belt. There are a minimum number of hours required as an instructor, assistant instructor or an instructor in training in order to grade for their next level. However, students are encouraged to continue their leadership training and commit more than the minimum requirements. As well, lower belt students can also be involved in this leadership program although it is not a requirement in their grading.



Social Events


Throughout the year, there are several social events where the students can get to know one another and interact with the instructors in a less formal environment. The events are open to the students and their families. Please read the notice board for upcoming event details and enjoy.




As part of the YMCA family, the Taekwondo Club participates in fundraising through various events. Every student is urged to get involved and contribute their time and effort in hopes of helping others and maybe themselves. The programs that benefit from the fundraising efforts appreciate it very much.


Schedule and Registration


Please look at the posted timetable for schedule details. The schedule for the Taekwondo Program is constantly changing and adjusting to the needs of the student population. As the students move up in their belt levels, they may have to change their class to match their proficiency. Although we will endeavour to keep the schedule constant but because we have a finite number of classes, shifting of times may be inevitable. The timetable will be posted and any adjustments will be announced with more than adequate notice. All programs consist of ONE class per week excluding the invitational specialty classes.




Volunteering is the engine that runs an organization such as the YMCA. We would gladly accept anyone who is willing to help with our competitions and social events. Please give your name if you would like to make this program a better one.